The SAG Awards RSVP Screening Program is available to active, paid-up members of SAG-AFTRA to sign up to receive email notifications for FYC events, Q&As, and screenings sent throughout awards season. Once registered, you will receive email notifications as they become available.

There is no comprehensive calendar of upcoming events on the SAG Awards RSVP site as they are often made available last minute. RSVPs are on a first come, first served basis and the SAG Awards Nominating Committee may be given priority ahead of you. Admittance is not guaranteed. When RSVPing, please make sure to select 'SAG-AFTRA' as your affiliation. Misrepresenting yourself as a member of the Nominating Committee could result in union disciplinary charges.

Studios and networks may require certain COVID-19 safety measures in order to attend Q&A or FYC events. These requirements will be included in the invitation, or in a confirmation email once you've RSVPed. Please read invitations carefully!

As a courtesy to your fellow performers, if your plans change after you RSVP and you can no longer participate, you MUST cancel with the studio. You can do so by using the cancellation email listed on each invitation.

You may want to check your spam filter and security settings on your email account to allow screening notices to be emailed to you. These notices may be blocked if your settings are too high. You might also want to add the following email address to your address book in order to ensure the email is recognized:


Please review the policies below and agree before continuing to the registration page.

  • SAG-AFTRA members (and their guests) MUST behave in a professional and courteous manner when participating in Q&A panels whether virtual or in-person.
  • Content made available for viewing in conjunction with events should not be shared or distributed.
  • SAG-AFTRA members who cannot attend a screening after RSVP’ing must cancel prior to the screening.
  • Autographs, selfie requests or photography of any kind are not permitted at screenings.

Any violation of the rules or transgression of decorum will be subject to review by the Awards Committee, which has authority to remove the member from present and future Nominating Committees and recommend that a member be brought up on charges of conduct unbecoming of a member.

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